Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zone Conf. & Cancer Miracle

Zone Conference: Last Wednesday was our 2 Zone Conference in Gouda. Elder Robert C. Oaks,the European Area President was there to give us some training. He told a story of a senior couple who had requested not to be sent to a hot-humid climate, and were very disappointed when they received their call to Jackson, Mississippi. They considered turning it down, but they went any way. On their first day there they decided to go tracting. The very first door that they knocked on was opened, and inside was their daughter whom they had lost track of for years. The Lord had sent them to her. He also told us that the renewed efforts in Europe are paying off, and that there is a new spirit hovering over Europe. The recent decline in convert baptisms has stopped and there was a 6% increase last year. Miracles are being experienced all over the western European area. This is truly the time of the great second harvest. We are happy that we can be part of it. Sister Servoss coordinated the luncheon for 55 people. As you can see from the pictures, the tables looked great and the sandwiches on special Dutch rolls, the four salads, and huge Gouda stroopwaffels were great. It was a great treat for all the missionaries.

Cancer Miracle: We have mentioned before the LDS sister who has been suffering with cancer, Ingrid Odor. There is great news and rejoicing today!! She has completed her second chemotherapy treatment and the results show that she is now leukemia free! Her body is once again building red blood cells and getting her back her natural immunity. She has almost completely overcome her pneumonia also. She is now able to sit in the wheelchair again, and is starting to eat some food. Her doctor is most amazed. Two weeks ago the doctor told us that she wasn't sure that she would live through the night. Ingrid is very happy and is thanking the Lord, and all of you who may have prayed for her. She looks forward to the coming weeks and the pending bone marrow transplant. We have witnessed a huge miracle and feel blessed that we were able to help. The power of the priesthood is real and the tender mercies of the Lord have been manifest.

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