Sunday, February 22, 2009

Missionary "Helmits", Christine & Jaydrick

Helmits of Salvation & Healing Times

We have been blessed with some amazing experiences here in the Netherlands. We continue to be impressed with the young missionaries and their leadership. Last week we had another good District Class. As part of the lesson, each missionary was given his own "helmet of salvation", which was an origami hat made from stiff paper. It was a symbol of us wearing a helmet of salvation as we boldly talk with people about the gospel. It is great to not hesitate and just approach people that the spirit leads us to, and then share a gospel message. The young missionaries are quite successful with the bold approach.

There are also times of healing that take place here. We have been visiting a wonderful sister (Ingrid Odor), who is being treated for leukemia here. She is from Aruba (a Caribbean island). She is demonstrating great courage in the face of tremendous challenges. Her daughter is here with a grandson to help look after her and visit her. We enjoyed going to church with Christine and Jaydrick today. They then had lunch with us. We enjoy meeting such good people and helping where we can. It has been fun to be around the 1 year old. He is very energetic and so, so, cute. He also reminds us of our grandchildren. Please remember Ingrid in your prayers.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sal, Teresa & Servosses at Kinderdijk Windmills

Faith & Hope in Trying Circumstances

For the past month we have been visiting and helping a wonderful sister, Ingrid Odor (o-door), who is here from the Caribbean island of Aruba. She is here for treatment of leukemia. Her husband was here for the first few weeks and now her daughter, Kristene, and grandson are here to look after and assist her. Unfortunately, Kristene contracted the flu and spent nearly a week fighting it. We spent time with her in Emergency last Sunday night. Today she came to church and is well again. Her mother is such a strong person, and is keeping high expectations in the face of unfavorable test results from the first chemo-therapy. She is being very positive and is not giving up. She is an example for all of us. It may take one or two more treatments to rid her of the disease. Her brother sent her some positive thoughts that she has printed out and reads frequently. We were impressed with them and wanted to share a few, which can buoy all of us up: "My healing thoughts are now going deep into my subconscious mind and bringing total and continuous healing to my body." "I know my healing is already in process. I now receive the treatment I need, in the perfect time, place and way for me." "I visualize what I want to do, and act as if I am already what I visualize." Whenever she can she talks out-loud to Heavenly Father. Since she is in a private room, she says, "I don't bother anyone when I pray, and they don't bother us." She is amazing and we love her. The Stake here had invited members to fast and pray for her sometime this week. We invite any and all of you that can to join us. Please also include our new friend, Teresa, who is an American woman who is also here from Aruba, and has a rare blood disease called amylodiosis. We spent some time with Teresa and her husband Sal yesterday, since they have not been able to get out of their quarters in the hospital guest home. They are shown with us in the picture above. A picture of Ingrid Odor is not available. We have also spent some time at the hospital with an investigator, who is also named Ingrid. We feel so blessed that we have this time that we can spend helping others. Missionary work has many different facets.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

UNO Anyone, & in What Language?

Let's Play International UNO

We are continuing our experiences with the Young Adults at the Center. We had some more good times this past week. We had another great family night lesson on Monday taught by Yeagi, a Korean member who speaks excellent English. Then on Thursday we had our dinner of chili and bread. Institute class was taught by an American brother who is the High Council rep. for YA. He taught it in English. Friday night was activity night. Zuster Servoss and I greeted four Young Adults, who joined us for some games of the card game, UNO. There were three young ladies from Peru (only Natale was a member), and one Dutch brother. So, we had a rousing series of games mixing Spanish, English, and Dutch words into the game. We were saying numbers, and colors in those languages. It had become truly an international game. The other two Peruvian young women have attended our church before and are just starting to take some lessons.

We also want to share a quick story about Scott. He is an American who works at the Burger King that is located inside a US Military building in Brussels. We went to Brussels one day for a dental problem that I had. After getting help from the US Army dentist, we went to the BK for lunch. The man behind the counter saw our name tags and asked if we were missionaries. He said, "This is a strange question, but could you possibly get me an English copy of the Book of Mormon?" We were very surprised and pleased. We were happy to comply. He then told us that his sister and husband are members and live in Provo. He had done some Internet research and knew a little about the church. We got his phone number and soon departed. Weeks later we passed his name and number on to the mission office, and then waited. Last Monday, I was speaking with a Elder Wortham, who works in the office with his wife. I asked him if he had contacted Scott. He said, "No, I was going to do that and lost his information. Would you please give it to me again?" I was happy to give it to him. Several hours later he called me back and said that he had taken one of the Assistants to the President with him and had visited Scott. They arranged a time to teach him after he got off work. They had just completed a great lesson with him and will be going back to teach him on a regular basis. Scott had been reading in the Book of Mormon and had a few questions. We are all excited that we were able to help Scott learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Armour & a Baptism

Armour of God Lesson & a Baptism

At the Center for Young Adults (JoVo Centrum) this week we had a great lesson during our Family Home Evening. A young sister, Dannie from New Zealand, taught the lesson on putting on the whole armour of God. Kathleen was the model that was dressed up in the whole armour of God as the lesson progressed. Dannie was quite innovative with her use of cardboard and fashioning the armour. It was a good lesson to us all. Among those in attendance were young adults from: New Zealand, Korea, Peru and the Netherlands. It was a lot of fun. Then on Thursday night we had another successful dinner, followed by the Institute class.

On Saturday we had another baptism. Our friend, Quincy Hayford, was baptized. He has been investigating for many months. He made it this far with the help of several Elders including Elders: Tilleman, Helton, Berry, Drake and Allen. A nice service was held at the Rotterdam South church. After that there was another baptism by the other set of Elders who work in Spijkenisse. Anna was baptized there in another nice service. The heavens rejoiced with the addition of these two fine souls into the kingdom of God. The work rolls on.