Sunday, February 22, 2009

Helmits of Salvation & Healing Times

We have been blessed with some amazing experiences here in the Netherlands. We continue to be impressed with the young missionaries and their leadership. Last week we had another good District Class. As part of the lesson, each missionary was given his own "helmet of salvation", which was an origami hat made from stiff paper. It was a symbol of us wearing a helmet of salvation as we boldly talk with people about the gospel. It is great to not hesitate and just approach people that the spirit leads us to, and then share a gospel message. The young missionaries are quite successful with the bold approach.

There are also times of healing that take place here. We have been visiting a wonderful sister (Ingrid Odor), who is being treated for leukemia here. She is from Aruba (a Caribbean island). She is demonstrating great courage in the face of tremendous challenges. Her daughter is here with a grandson to help look after her and visit her. We enjoyed going to church with Christine and Jaydrick today. They then had lunch with us. We enjoy meeting such good people and helping where we can. It has been fun to be around the 1 year old. He is very energetic and so, so, cute. He also reminds us of our grandchildren. Please remember Ingrid in your prayers.

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