Sunday, June 13, 2010

Safe Return to Utah

We returned safely to Utah after waiting two days in Germany for a flight to the states. The flight that we finally left on departed Germany at 4 am on June 4th. Kae's birthday had started at midnight, while we sat in the terminal at Spangdahlem. The flight to South Carolina took about 10 hours. When we landed we immediately inquired about the flight to Travis AFB, California. We were told that it had left only an hour earlier. We were happy to be back in the states, but realized that in order to be in Utah on Saturday for our granddaughter's b aptism we would have to fly home to Utah commercially. We contacted a friend and he was able to get us a heavily discounted pass on US Airways to Las Vegas (via Philadelphia). We then had to take a flight on Delta to Salt Lake City. We arrived home in Utah at 11:45 pm. We were glad to be back, but were left with the problem of our car still being in California. The day ended with our finally getting into our own bed at 1 am. Kae's birthday had last 32 hours, because of the 8 time zone changes. We enjoyed the baptism for Riley Kate on Saturday. Our son Trent let us use his second car. On Sunday we were at church again in our home ward. After church we got into a rental car, picked up two of our teenage grandsons and drove towards California. We made it to Winnemucca, Nevada before 10 pm. The next day we completed the 750 mile trip to Travis air base. We picked up our other car and drove back in the two separate cars. We finally arrived home in Bountiful at 5 am on Tuesday. We were exhausted, but we were home with our car. Many people have asked us about our Military Space A Adventure and wondered if we would do it again. We simply replied, "In a heart beat." It was quite an adventure, but it allowed us the opportunity to go back to Holland to be with "our" Young Adults and friends.

Space A (Adventure) Flying Pictures