Sunday, February 1, 2009

Armour of God Lesson & a Baptism

At the Center for Young Adults (JoVo Centrum) this week we had a great lesson during our Family Home Evening. A young sister, Dannie from New Zealand, taught the lesson on putting on the whole armour of God. Kathleen was the model that was dressed up in the whole armour of God as the lesson progressed. Dannie was quite innovative with her use of cardboard and fashioning the armour. It was a good lesson to us all. Among those in attendance were young adults from: New Zealand, Korea, Peru and the Netherlands. It was a lot of fun. Then on Thursday night we had another successful dinner, followed by the Institute class.

On Saturday we had another baptism. Our friend, Quincy Hayford, was baptized. He has been investigating for many months. He made it this far with the help of several Elders including Elders: Tilleman, Helton, Berry, Drake and Allen. A nice service was held at the Rotterdam South church. After that there was another baptism by the other set of Elders who work in Spijkenisse. Anna was baptized there in another nice service. The heavens rejoiced with the addition of these two fine souls into the kingdom of God. The work rolls on.

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