Sunday, March 29, 2009

Silly, Skies & Stairs

One of our sons is good at using humor on his blog, so we have decided this week to lighten up a little. We found a little village in Belgium called Silly sometime ago and finally made a short side trip to it. We giggled as we finally drove through Silly and joked about it. We had seen the Silly signs and we went to Silly. We had fun being silly in Silly. The small orange brick houses with tile roofs were very quaint. We were in the French speaking area, so we had fun trying to read and pronounce the silly signs that we saw.

Because south Holland is near the coast and the countryside is so flat, the clouds move by very quickly. We are often still surprised by a clear sky, then 5 minutes later clouds and rain. If it starts raining hard, people try to stop and take cover for 5 to 10 minutes. Often the storm will pass on in that time, but then there are the days of constant drizzle. Because of the fast moving storms we have seen some great skies here. We want to share a picture or two.

Because the homes and apartments here are mostly quite small, many of them are narrow and have multiple floors. When that is the case, the home will have a very narrow set of stairs going to the next level. It amazes us how narrow they are. You often have to turn your foot sideways to fit your foot on the stairs. You need to hold tight on the rails. The Dutch are very good at fitting stairs into small places. A wide stairway is very unusual.

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