Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Early Spring & Other Things

The past two weeks have been so very busy. We have hardly had time to relax and write a short blog article. Therefore, I will mention a few quick notes now:

Early Spring has arrived here. The crocus have started to poke up out of the grass and bloom. Here they plant large groups of crocus and daffodil bulbs under the grass in some places and let the flowers bloom, grow and die before the first grass mowing. It does not last long, but it looks very nice. We also noted some of the crops in Belgium were sprouting up in the fields today.
The weather was in the 50's and it was sunny. We are looking forward to seeing many other signs of spring soon.

One of our favorite snacks here is the "patat friet" or French fries (which the Belgians actually lay claim to having first made). The best way to eat these thick Fries is to dip them in a peanut sauce or mayonnaise, the combo plus raw onions has been given the name oorlog (war). We have discovered that we quite enjoy the Dutch mayonnaise instead of using our American ketchup. We took a picture of this treat as we were eating it while visiting the Hague on Monday.

We may have mentioned that many people here have dogs. Many of them live in apartments with their owners. It seems that even with small apartments many people have large dogs. Our neighbors have a dalmation. It seems like a crowded environment to us. They have to be taken out several times a day and walked. One enterprising car wash also offers a Dog wash. We just had to include a picture of it.

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