Sunday, March 15, 2009

Young Adult Center Activities

We have now had two months worth of activities at our Outreach or Young Adult Center in Rotterdam. It is a joy to meet with these fine young adults and partake of their spirits. You can see that we have had some good times lately. We have had good Family Home Evenings (gezinsavonds). It is so nice to watch these young people as they teach. On Thursday evenings Sister Servoss & Sister Crowther baked 8 pizzas for the young adults (Jo Vo's). They were all delicious and there were only a few pieces left. The dinner included 3 non-members, who also seemed to enjoy the food. These young people then attended the Institute class. We had 20 in attendance, which is our high so far. Tuesday evening we traveled an hour away to Den Bosch to help them open their Young Adult Center. Then today we returned to give them a little training. On one Friday we watched the video of "Emma Smith - My Story"
We are enjoying the times with these future church leaders and watching them progress and grow.

In the group picture you will notice Yeagi with the dark blue sweater on. She is a lovely young lady from Korea. She is working on her Master's Degree in violin here at the Conservatory. She plays so masterfully. She has served a mission in New York and her parents currently live in Provo, Utah. The other YA's are some of our regular attendees. Two of them, Mike and Kilian are soon to leave on their missions to England and Russia, respectively.

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