Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ice, Frost & an 80th Birthday

It has been quite cold here the past week or so with temps in the mid 20's a lot of the time. Here there is a lot of humidity, so it seems colder than the actual temperature. The Dutch are taking advantage of it and are flocking to the frozen canals, ponds and lakes to skate. One large pond near us even has floodlights set up and a portable snack bar. The citizens have also tryed to mark out a ring to skate around. The frost here is also very pretty to look at. Last Wednesday we drove 75 miles to Hilversum to pick up a bike for an elder and enjoyed the frosted trees along the way. A few days earlier we were also in Hilversum for the 80th birthday party of Nellie Van Scheijen Maas. Forty one (41) years ago we baptized here and five of her children. We have visited her several times in the past 8 months here, but this day was special. Three of her daughters came over to be with Nellie and to wish her well. We had a nice time getting acquainted with two of the daughters. We ate lunch with one daughter, Ellie, earlier that day. Ellie, Ben, Fred and their mother, Nellie, are the only ones still active in the church. It was nice to be with them and to share the special occasion.

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