Sunday, January 25, 2009

Center for Young Adults - First Week

Well, now we have the first week of the program for the Young Adults under our belts. We had a family home evening, a dinner, institute, and an activity night. At the family home evening a young sister taught us the lesson of the Book of Mormon story of Lehonti. Several YA's put on costumes to act the events. We learned that when we come down off our mountain and (let down our guard), we can be slowly poisoned and not even know it. It was a good lesson on remaining steadfast and obedient and avoiding tempatation. The dinner on Thursday night was nice, we fed them sloppy joes, salad, and oatmeal cookie squares. Everyone enjoyed the event and then they attended the Institute class. We are pleased with the success so far and look forward to the coming weeks as the program develops further.

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