Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Firework Remains & Missionary District

We wanted to get a picture included that better illustrates the debris left behind on Jan. 1st that we had spoken of in the last blog. This picture shows two empty boxes that each held 10,000 Chinese firecrackers. The piles of red on the street are the paper scraps left after they were all shot off. This happened in front of the Zone Leader's apartment in another part of east Rotterdam, called Capelle.

Our Rotterdam District met today in our apartment. We enjoyed a good lesson on teaching with power and the spirit. Then we had a great lunch of chili, corn bread and salad that Zuster Servoss had made. It was then time for the last photo of our District before transfers tomorrow (Jan. 7th). We will miss those that are moving on, but look forward to those new ones coming in.

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