Monday, October 20, 2008

Joys of Teaching in the Netherlands

Another week has flown by and we are now approaching the six month mark of our mission. Every week is filled with varying activities. The week started by going on a joint teach with the elders to a man who is from Ethiopia. He speaks English and has been investigating for about a year. He enjoys having the lessons but just will not put forth the effort to gain a strong testimony. On Monday we took a member, who was a missionary here last year, with us to teach a young couple who are less active. The next day we were asked by the sisters in Gouda to join them for dinner and a joint teach with another man who is also from Ethiopia. We had some interesting African food (it was hot and spicy) and enjoyed the discussion with him (it was also in English). On Thursday we went to dinner at a member's home and then went to the Rotterdam North Ward to attend and support the Institute class. My wife had to fend for herself with the Dutch as I was asked to translate for a Spanish speaking young woman from Ecuador. The class members loved the oatmeal, raisin, chocolate chip cookies that Zuster Servoss had baked. They are great young people. Then on Saturday we went on a joint teach to a small village about 15 miles away. The elders had met Cebia at the train station in Rotterdam. She is from Columbia and was very receptive. Her sister was there visiting. Cebia speaks Dutch and Spanish. Her sister speaks Spanish and English. So, the lesson on the Book of Mormon and the restoration was taught in Dutch, with pauses for English translation and a chance to read verses in Spanish. Cebia had tears in her eyes as she heard about Christ visiting her forefathers in America. The spirit was so strong there. We have invited her and her sister to come to our apartment for another discussion this Wednesday. The work here is so amazing. To end out the week we drove 70 miles to Almere to attend a Parenting Workshop. We will be attending for the next 5 weeks and then will be prepared to teach it in the Rotterdam area.

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