Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dragon Fruit, The Ten Virgins, & Investigators

We found a very interesting mystery fruit at the open market. It is called Dragon Fruit. We have no idea where it comes from, but it was so unique we wanted to share a picture and description of it with you. If anyone knows where it comes from or more details we would happy to get a comment on our blog or an email. It looks like some kind of a miniature dragon with scales and a tail. The inside is a lot like Kiwi, but does not have as much flavor. Any way we just thought it was unique - maybe it is from Africa or some island nation.

Yesterday was a special Enrichment Day for the Stake Relief Society (Zusters Hulp Vereniging). Zuster Servoss spent about six hours at our Ward building with dozens of other sisters from the Stake. They had a special musical presentation of the Ten Virgins story (which describes the ten different characters in the story). We saw the full program last month here. The songs are all in English and the dialogue in Dutch. It is very inspirational. There were also other talks based on the same theme. Preparing spiritually was the real underlying theme. Elder Crowther and I spent some time back at our apartment. It gave Elder Servoss some time to study and relax a bit. He also spent some quality time with his journal writing.

Today we were pleased to have five investigators at church. One of them was a total surprise, since she was an investigator three years ago and we were not aware of her. The work is going forth and there are some very good people in the teaching pool. We are blessed to be able to joint teach with the young elders on some of the lessons. After church we drove 60 miles to Amsterdam and had lunch with a friend of our son Lance. Ron is here on a training assignment with his company for two weeks. It was great to meet him and have lunch. He is not LDS, but told us that he attended the General Priesthood session three weeks ago in the SLC Conference Center and was impressed. He had the pictures to prove it. He is very nice and said he is reading in the Book of Mormon. We then drove another 25 miles to Almere to attend the Parenting skills class again.

So, we are at the end of our first six months now - and really wonder what happened to the time. We look forward to the next twelve months and the miracles it will bring. We love our friends and family and appreciate your prayers in behalf of the missionary efforts in The Netherlands and Belgium, and worldwide.

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