Tuesday, October 7, 2008

General Conference Watching in Holland

We were able to view all sessions of Conference here via computer or by visiting the Stake Center. We went to the Stake Center on Sunday morning at 11 am (3 am in Utah) to view the recorded Priesthood session from the night before. Some of the sisters went to the Relief Society room and visited during that time. At 2 pm we were able to watch the Sat. afternoon session, also recorded. We had watched both Sat. sessions over our computer in our apartment, (at 6 pm we watched the 10 am session, and at 10 pm we watched the 2 pm session), but went to the Stake Center for the repeat because we had an investigator with us. Then instead of staying up until 10 pm Sunday to watch the last session, we watched it on Monday morning. We were also able to view the special on the Panama Temple. We viewed some on lds.org and other things on ksl.com. It is so amazing that we have those options. Today as part of the District Meeting we were able to play the talk about reactivation by the Seventy from Peru. What an amazing church we have and what great inspired messages were shared with the world. Another side note was our joy at hearing about the 5 new temples, especially the ones to be built near Kansas City and Rome. The brethren always choose the best locations. We look forward to the announced sites. We learned so much from the talks and can't wait to get our Ensign next month. We will also get the Liahona in Dutch. We hope that you all had the chance to watch the sessions and recommend checking out the sites mentioned if you missed any.

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