Sunday, May 10, 2009

Moederdag (Mother's Day) in Holland

Mothers the world over were congratulated and honored on this special Sunday. Here in Rotterdam we had our Stake Conference. There were some special things said about mothers, but there was no symbol of recognition given at the church (card, flowers, etc.). We returned to our apartment with Christene and her son, and , Elders Duran, Wood, Morrell, and Relitz. The elders then spent the next 45 minutes cooking a pasta dinner covered with chicken in a cream sauce. We also had tossed salad. We soon added two more members, Yeagi, and Quincy to the group. We sat down to a wonderful meal that had been prepared with love. The Zone Leaders, Elders Maurer and Scherbel, also stopped by. Sister Servoss was then given hand-made cards from each set of elders. They were very nice to acknowledge her on this special day. It was nice to have such a fine group of people to celebrate together and remember their own mothers. A few hours later Elders Duran and Wood returned to our apartment so that Elder Duran could call home on our computer. Elder Wood's family had called him on the team's cell phone earlier. It was nice to see the joy on their faces and the light in their eyes as they talked of their loved ones at home. My wife and I will be calling our children with Skype (on the computer) in the next hour. All in all, it was a great day and Sister Servoss was very happy.


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