Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Missionaries at the Hague Temple

Twice a year we have the opportunity as senior couples to participate in attending the temple with all of our mission. It takes two sessions for the French speaking missionaries and two for the Dutch speaking ones the next week. Last week we were at the temple with the French group. That was very interesting, especially since I don't know French and my wife knows some. We both listened to the English in our headsets, but on the second day, Sister Servoss was just enjoying herself listening to the beautiful French language. I worked at the veil and had to do my part totally in English, thank goodness for pauses. It was great getting to know the French group. Fortunately one of them is our second cousin, Sister Jenny Orton, from Cedar City, Utah. We had a great time comparing notes and catching up on family matters back home.

This week we have been to the temple with half of the Dutch group Tuesday, and the other half on Wednesday. It was so good to see many of the Elders who have served with us here in Rotterdam, and others that we have also grown to love. We always look forward to seeing all the missionaries. There really is something special about attending the temple with a lot of people that you care about. Our mission president, Paul Woodland, has conducted all of the sessions (doing the Dutch sessions with a headset on, since he speaks French). We were all so excited to be back in the temple and bask in the spirit that is present there. The gospel is true and can bring so much joy to us all!

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