Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kinderdijk Molens (windmills) Visit

Last Wednesday, July 16th, we went to the world famous windmill site called Kinderdijk. It is a wonderful place and is only 20 minutes from our apartment. It has 19 windmills situated close to each other along some canals and the river. They form an impressive symbol of the struggle of the Dutch against the ever threatening water. They were built in 1738 to 1740, and stand as a living monument of the protective measure used to protect the land from flooding. Their former function has been replaced by modern pumps, but there is a working model that we toured. We had a wonderful time with the young missionaries and Elder & Zuster Crowther. One of the pictures shows our District group (minus 2 sisters, who couldn't make it). Other pictures show the many windmills.

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