Sunday, July 27, 2008

Enduring to the End of His Mission

We witnessed a great baptismal experience yesterday. Elder Kent was ending his mission last Wednesday. A lady that he and Elder Patrick had been teaching had postponed her scheduled baptismal date and it appeared that Elder Kent would leave without seeing Inge (Inga)Palanveng baptized. Then on Monday she told them that she had received a spiritual confirmation that she needed to be baptized on Saturday. The great thing was that not only would she be baptized, but Elder Kent's parents had come to pick him up and were able to return from Belgium for the service last night. It was great to see Elder Kent and his proud parents at the meeting, where his companion Elder Patrick baptized Inge. Then his morning Elder Kent and parents went to church with Inge and he confirmed her to be a member. What a great way to serve and to endure to the end. This was the fifth baptismal that we have attended in the past month. There was a mother and three daughters baptized at one baptism in the other Rotterdam Ward two weeks ago. The work goes on and it is great to see these fine people join the church. We love being a part of it.

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