Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beautiful Fields of Flowers & Senior Couples

Yesterday was a another great day here in the Netherlands. The weather was perfect and the flowers were at their peak as we drove to Keukenhof for the annual outing with the other senior couples from our mission. The crowds were tremendous this time, because there was also a parade in the afternoon. There were thousands of people there and when we walked to the parade route, outside the park we could not see very much. Basically the Dutch decorated a few vehicles with large bouquets of flowers and there were some bands. That is all that we saw anyway. We really enjoyed the park though and especially the views of the surrounding fields of flowers. We passed by even more fields after we left the park. We hope that some of the pictures here will do justice to the wonderful array of colors that we saw. Heavenly Father was so kind to us all when he made flowers for us to enjoy. We hope that these pictures will bring a little joy into your lives too.

The couples in the picture are: back row L to R: Elder & Sister Phair, Sr. Arhet, Elder & Sister Servoss, Sister Spek
front row L to R: Elder Arhet, Elder & Sister Romney, Elder Spek.

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