Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas by Candlelight at the Gouda Church

On Tuesday, the 16th of December, the city of Gouda held its annual Christmas by Candlelight night. It was a special event where all of the street lights on the main "walking street" were turned off and candles were lit. There were bands on the street and a ceremony was held at the city square. On the route back towards the train station hundreds of people had to walk past a corner where two of our missionaries were standing. The elders had a sign that said, "free warm chocolate milk". They talked with people and invited them to turn left and visit our church. Many people did that and many others accepted a DVD gift of Joy to the World. In front of the church were two sister missionaries directing people inside. Inside the church people were able to drink warm chocolate milk, eat cookies, visit and listen to caroling. About 70 people came in off the street and joined in the activity. There were many young students who came in and joined in on the singing. Visitors enjoyed the warm, cheerie atmosphere. Many great impressions were made and many more DVD's were given out. At the end of the night about 240 were given out. It was a fun night that was very productive as a missionary contact tool.

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