Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Activities in Nederland

Thanksgiving Day was very special here in the Netherlands (Nederland). Our Zone was invited by a new member to enjoy a Thanksgiving Dinner at his restaurant. The owner, John Willem, prepared the turkey, potatoes, soup, salad, and the servers. The Senior Couple Sisters made fruit & jello salad, sweet potatoes, and pies. We had an enjoyable time eating while we visited. There were several new Elders present as we had transfers this past week. Elder Drake is our new District Leader here (you see him standing with a scarf on). [Blog pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them]. After the meal, the senior missionary couples drove to Rotterdam to visit the Pilgrim Fathers Church, where the Pilgrims that landed on Plymouth Rock in America departed from. Those Pilgrims started out in England and came to Holland to escape religious persecution. They spent 11 years mostly in Leiden, Holland. They decided to immigrate to America and came to this church in Delfhaven (Rotterdam) before they departed on the Speedwell for England. Back in England they boarded the Mayflower, having to double up because the Speedwell was not able to accompany them.

Then on Saturday we had another Thanksgiving Dinner for the Young Adults in the stake. We had a nice meal there also, with even more turkey. We are going to be spending a lot more time with the Young Adults (Jonge Volwassenen or Yo Vohs). We are truly into the holiday season here with Sinter Klaas Day coming up on Dec. 5th.

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