Saturday, September 6, 2008

How About a Bike Miracle

I apologize that we missed making an entry last week. This should make up for it. First Elder Tilleman had a little miracle happen with his bike. He had acquired a used bicycle from Elder & Zuster Crowther. Elder Crowther had found an extra bike at an Elder's apartment and fixed it up. He gave it to Elder T two weeks ago, complete with a big lock. Last week the Elders stopped by our church for a few minutes. When they came out his bike was on its way down the street with two teenage boys. He jumped on his companions bike and intercepted the boys, stopped them, scolded them, and took his bike back. The boys then ran off. Then this week he locked his bike up outside the train station. A few hours later it was gone. He was quite amazed since it is just an old bike. Any way, he was left without a bike again. We suggested that he go to a bike shop near us, and that it would probably cost him 150 to 200 Euros. But, Zuster S said as you know, the Lord will provide. Ten minutes later he called us and reported that he had just bought a geared mountain bike for 25Euros ($37). We could not believe his good fortune. A man had just traded it in and there is not much of a market for the mountain bikes here. Hopefully bike thieves wont like it either, although it is a nice looking bike.

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